When you are arranging a party, one of the first considerations is whether to go with an indoor event or an outdoor one. Sometimes the time of year decides this for you – do you really want a group of five year olds outdoors for an hour in the freezing cold? But most of the year, you can take your pick of the various indoor and outdoor venues across Worcestershire and Gloucestershire. So what are the pros and cons of both?

The outdoor event

Outdoor parties have always been popular when kids are involved for the simple reason that the more space the better – and the lowering risk of something getting broken! Outdoor parties are great fun and ideal to enjoy the weather and the scenery.

Another big advantage of outdoor parties is that you can have more people in an outside space than you can in an indoor space. You can also make use of furniture hire services to rent everything from tables and chairs to sofas and coffee tables to give the adults somewhere to sit while the kids are occupied. You can even hire picnic benches to let the kids sit together and have something to eat.

The biggest problem with an outdoor event is the weather. Let’s face it, even the Met Office aren’t 100% sure about what the weather is going to do on any one day. So often, people have facilities ready just in case if the forecast is looking uncertain – a marquee is one example but even simple gazebos can offer shelter if the rain turns up with the guests.

The indoor event

There are also plenty of options for indoor events across the area, ranging from play areas and pubs to community centres, school halls and other space to rent. Again, furniture hire is an excellent way to transform the space to complete meet your needs. Plus, if you hire a space and equipment, you don’t need to deal with the clean up afterwards!

There are things you can do with an indoor party that are more difficult with an outdoor one – craft parties are one example where the kids can all have some time sitting and doing something. Magic shows are another popular option that work better indoors than outdoors. Many play areas offer party facilities and this is a great option to let the kids run off plenty of energy in safe conditions that are suitable for different age groups.

And of course, indoor parties are weather proof. So if the day is due to be miserable, needs to be held during the winter or happens during a storm, there’s no worries about this because you are inside.

Perhaps the main downside with indoor parties is that there is a limit to the amount of space available and if the kids get too excited, the place can suddenly seem a bit small. And costs will usually be higher for an indoor space than an outdoors one as venue rental will need to be added to all the other costs.