Dance floor hire

When you check out a venue for a wedding or a special event, a dance floor is something that you might take for granted. But it shouldn’t be because not all venues have them – they might not have the space or theirs might be a listed building that can’t be altered to add one. Whatever the case, a lack of dance floor can seem like a major problem but it doesn’t have to be because here at Elite Furniture Hire, we can provide you with one.

Black White Dance Floor

Black-_-White-Dance-Floor Size Recommendations:

0-150 16’ x 16’ – £250.00

150+ 18’ x 18’ – £310.00

Parquet Dance Floor

Parquet Dance FloorSize Recommendations:-
0-100 15’ x 15’ – £160.00
100-150 18’ x 15’ – £190.00
150+ 18’ x 18’ – £220.00

Outdoor venues

One of the most popular reasons for hiring a dance floor for an event is when you are having an outdoor venue such as a marquee. These structures don’t have their own dance floors but it is often a simple thing to arrange the inside to accommodate one. Dance floors can work in square or rectangular shapes to accommodate within the space you have and most easily interlock together for quick assembly and dismantling. There are also special foundations to place the dance floor onto if the space doesn’t have an even floor, such as in marquees. This means there’s no worries about guests having a wobble due to the floor, though we can’t comment on any other reason!

Special effects

There are also special effects that can be added to the dance floor ranging from its colour to lights that can work with it. So you may have a themed party that a certain type of music is the focus for and the floor can work into this. Or you can go for heavy duty wooden dance floors when you anticipate a large number of people enjoying the music all at the same time. All you need to do is get in touch with the details of your venue and we can start discussing the perfect dance floor to complement your event.


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